Hey everyone,

So, my life has been completley turned upside down in a matter of days. I made the bold decision to go to a university that isn’t anywhere near my home, my family, my gorgeous fur babies and my friends! haha well done me. However, I needed a change, an experience and an oppurtunity to change my outlook on life and broaden my horizons so in that sense I feel quite independant and happy that I am about to study a degree which relates to something I have fallen in love with (writing).

I am proud of myself.

But don’t get me wrong I still feel so nervous as these next few weeks will be really important in terms of finding my feet, my friendship groups and the lectures that commence on monday. I think the friendship groups are the thing I am most concerned about because everyone has different personalities and different kind of things that they laugh about or take seriously. I’m scared to say the wrong thing or do something that people don’t agree with…I dont know I guess i’m just nervous…especially as I am sat in my room by myself currently and feel as though if I don’t go out and socialise I am going to miss a vital part of forming a friendship group out. I guess it’s something you just have to take in your stride when choosing to change your life in this way.

I loveeeeeeee my room though! I walked into town today and got myself some bits to put my photos up and a cute scented cherry diffuser for my room so it looks and smells lovely. My bed is comfy and my blanket is here so all is good!

I will probably post a million updates on here about my new life change haha, i’ll let you all know when im happy when im sad when im lonely or when I don’t even know how I feel!

So stay tuned,

Intent For Content


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