Mister Muscles

He is not like many from here. He possesses an ora about him…positivity and kindness. However, his supportive voice can be considered rude at times, yet he speaks with truth and authority. He reminds me of myself sometimes, always doing something for someone else whether that’s standing outside in the pouring rain making sure a peer is ok or going the extra mile so someone has money and food.

I call him mister muscles because well…he is strong. He reaps strength, physically and mentally…He is one to be treasured and admired, one that deserves more than he can imagine. One that I had the pleasure of knowing.

My time knowing mister muscles has come to an end. As life proceeds to change and grow. Our paths are seperate, we weren’t meant to be on the same one. I say fate had something to do with it.

I won’t forget him though. I won’t forget what we would talk about, everything I would listen to, because I secretly enjoyed listening. He would tell me how he is protective over his father, and how he wants his significant other to be there with him when he is unwell and how he believes he was meant to do something bigger and better than those around him. He wants affection, love and connection. He will get it. He will get what he believes in, because good people will always win in the end. I can only hope no one changes him.

Good bye and good luck mister muscles, Maybe I will see you again one day…

Intent For Content


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