Growing up

I think growing up is one of the most challenging aspects of life a human goes through. Your hormones are everywhere your life gets more complicated, more stresses, more people and you have to make decisions off of your own back. You crave attention yet don’t want people to speak to you. You are sometimes…Read more »


As I drew smoke from this tiny, sphere like tube full of toxins I realised it was my tenth one today. I inhaled the smoke into my lungs, breathing in and out, waiting for the chemicals to rush through my veins, into my blood and surge to my head. I craved the light headed feeling…Read more »


Have you ever felt pressured to lose weight? Ever been on a massive 7 day binge, eating anything and everything that falls on your pathway…or maybe felt like you need to lose 5 pounds before you agree to a date with that girl or guy? Whatever it is I understand. I have been there and…Read more »


Love is the most visible form of purity and happiness. Love shows the human kind as gentle and caring. Love breaks down our walls and opens our hearts. It makes us feel secure, warm and content. It is perfect, yet totally imperfect at the same time. A feeling that can surge our through our blood…Read more »


How do you describe something that is beautiful? What would you say beauty is? Is it a smile a heartbeat, laughter, food, alcohol, objects or animals…or is it everything? Googles definition of beauty is “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” I have been…Read more »